Flood Warning

Community Announcement:

We will be expecting approximately 60 mm of rain over the weekend.  Capital & Infrastructure have been working to remove the water from our pump stations to make room for this significant rainfall.  They will continue to monitor the water levels in the community over the weekend.

The LMG is asking community members who experience flooding in their basements due to rising waters to please call (418) 788-2215.

This number will be in use starting tomorrow morning, April 19th, 2019.  If you experience flooding this evening, please contact the Listuguj Police Department at (418) 788-2334.

Securing Personal Property

The Listuguj Police Department is asking the community members of Listuguj and the surrounding areas to be sure to secure their property during periods of night fall, such as locking shed doors, tools in the yard that may be visible from the roadway, snowmobiles & ATV’s (be sure to remove keys) and to ensure your doors are locked on your vehicles.

This message is pre-emptive preparation in nature, for the increased pedestrian traffic that will be approaching as the weather becomes warmer.

Freezing Pipes Update

We would like to retract our previous statement that community members are experiencing flooding. The issues are actually due to frozen pipes. This was a communication error and we apologize.

Please remember to keep your faucets running a little to help prevent freezing.

Natural Resources will be closed until noon today due to issues with the pipes. It is being worked on as best as possible. Updates will be provided as they happen.

For anyone experiencing frozen pipes, please call the Band Office, 418-788-2136, and speak to the receptionist. They will transfer you to the designated individual.

Search Warrants Result in Seizure and Arrests



Search Warrants Result in Seizure and Arrests




On Thursday, February 28th, 2019, at approximately 1:30 hrs, the Listuguj Police Department enforced the Listuguj Cannabis Law by executing multiple search warrants within the Mi’gmaq territory of Listuguj.  The Riverside Casino and two residences in Listuguj were subject to investigation for offences under the Cannabis Act.  During the course of the operation, police have seized large quantities of cannabis bud, cannabis plants, cannabis concentrates known as shatter, cannabis infused edibles, cbd oil, cannabis accessories, hashish and currency.

Two (2) Listuguj residents have been charged with multiple offences under the Cannabis Act, the Criminal Code of Canada as well as the Controlled Drug and Substances Act.

The investigation is ongoing at this time and may involve additional persons being charged under the Cannabis Act.

The Listuguj Police Department want to remind the community of Listuguj that all sales of cannabis, in any form within the territory is illegal.  Any information obtained concerning the illegal sale of cannabis will be investigated thoroughly.



Trapper Metallic

Chief of Police

Listuguj Police Department



Click here to view official LPD media release – 2019-02-28

Public Service Announcement – Winter Storm Watch

Winter storm watch in effect for:

  • New-Richmond – Bonaventure area
  • Restigouche – Carleton area


30 to 60 centimetres and blowing snow are expected Sunday.

An intense winter storm will move across New England Sunday, then the Gulf of St. Lawrence on Monday. It will especially affect the Gaspé Peninsula, bringing significant snowfall amounts and generating very strong to high northeast winds that will cause widespread blowing snow. The storm is expected to begin Sunday morning and continue through Tuesday.

Travel is expected to be hazardous due to reduced visibility in some locations. Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become icy and slippery.

Winter storm watches are issued when multiple types of severe winter weather are expected to occur together.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada.


For anyone travelling by snow mobile:

If anyone anyone plans to go out alone, they should notify someone where they plan on going and when they are expected to return.

We strongly suggest that you bring a back pack containing the following items:

  • compact collapsible shovel (if possible)
  • emergency blanket
  • water bottles
  • protein bars
  • first aid kit
  • hand and feet warmer pads
  • extra drive belt for snowmobile (as they have the tendency to break unexpectedly)

Exercise common sense and caution when alone.  If you are an inexperienced rider, please don’t go venturing out into the unknown by yourself.

Public Safety Notice

The following is a public safety notice from the Listuguj Police Department.


In light of a recent accident involving a young child getting injured by a washing machine, the Listuguj Police Department would like to take this time to inform parents and anyone who has young children to be aware of a certain type of washing machine which can be considered dangerous due to its loading fashion and ease of button access.  The top loading washing machine by LG (model WT1501CW) with inverter direct drive, has front access to the control panel and stands just a little over 3 feet high.  This easy loading, large capacity washer plays tones when the power button is engaged and has a delay lock feature which, when engaged, will lock the door immediately upon closing.

We are urging the public to be aware of the possibility of easy access and engagement of this certain type of washing machine.  Please familiarize yourself and any child with the locking features this machine may have if it is in a location where it can be easily accessed by small children.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your type of machine and what can be done to help prevent any accidents, please do not hesitate to contact the consumer service numbers on your type of washing machine if you do not have the owner’s manual, or contact the Listuguj Police Department and we will do our best to help.

Safety starts with prevention.

Avoid Travelling on the JC Van Horn Bridge Due to Weather


The Listuguj Police Department and the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government would like to advise the community of Listuguj and its surrounding community members to refrain if at all possible from travelling in either direction on the JC Van Horn Bridge. Due to severe weather warnings, and snow and slush accumulations, the weight of the snow is falling from above. This poses an increased risk of vehicular debris, accidents, damages and the potential of injury or death.

If at all possible, please limit your travelling for the remainder of the day until the weather clears.

Thank you for your cooperation. Should you have any concerns, please contact the LPD immediately at 418-788-2003 or the Campbellton RCMP at 506-789-6000.

Stay Safe!

Armed Robbery in Listuguj

Public Service Announcement:

On the evening of May 22nd, 2018, the Listuguj Police were dispatched to an armed robbery call at Mitchell’s convenience store. One male suspect was identified and later apprehended by police in the Campbellton area. This individual is currently in Police custody and waiting for a court appearance where he will appear before a judge facing several criminal charges stemming from this incident.

The Listuguj Police Department would like to remind the public to report any suspicious activities by contacting the emergency telephone number 418 788 2003. All matters reported will be investigated accordingly to ensure the safety of our community.