Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government to Review the Code of Conduct

Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government to Review the Code of Conduct


On Tuesday, May 21st, 2019, Chief and Council met at a Duly Convened Chief and Council meeting and discussed the recommended changes to the Code of Conduct.


During this meeting, it was determined that there will be no changes made to the Code of Conduct at this time. Instead, Council suggested and agreed to review the Code of Conduct in full detail through discussion and collaboration, to make sure that the document is in the best interest for Listuguj members. To do so, Council will take part in council training prior to the review of the document and to ensure that it is within Listuguj Mi’gmaq values and of best interest for the members of our community.


Furthermore, to stay consistent with the current requirements of the code, if there are any proposed changes brought forward by council, it will be first brought to community members of Listuguj through a general assembly before these changes can be implemented. The overall goal continues to be the development and implementation of strong laws, by-laws and operational codes that are in line with Listuguj Mi’gmaq values and that are supported and acknowledged by the community of Listuguj.




For more information:


Jill Martin, OCC Coordinator                                      Mike Isaac, Communication Manager                                        

(418)-788-2136 (2026)                                                 (418)-788-2136 (2168)





Lands & Membership Out of Office

We would like to inform the community that the Lands & Membership department will be out of the office for training the week of June 3rd, 2019.  Services will resume on Monday, June 10th, 2019.

To make an appointment with either Shoshana Isaac or Tina Barnaby, please call 418-788-2136.

Pam Palmater Talks about Nationhood at A.G.S.

Pam Palmater, renowned Mi’gmaq lawyer from Ugpi’ganjiq (Eel River Bar) and professor at Ryerson University, delivered a keynote address at Listuguj’s Alaqsite’w Gitpu School on March 22 as part of the school’s Siggw Cuture Day events and the LMG’s Honouring our Land mawiomi.

The address was delivered to the Grades 7 and 8 students, teaching staff, elected leaders of the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government, Mi’gmaq Grand Council members, Elders and community members.

Palmater spoke about the importance of Mi’gmaq nationhood and sovereignty. She reminded the audience that Youth need to be involved and actively engaged in nation-building initiatives.

 You can check out Pam’s keynote address “Mi’kmaw Nationhood and Sovereignty in Listuguj” on Pam Palmater’s YouTube channel by following this link.

Nationhood in Action at the Honouring our Land Mawiomi

Grand Council members, elected leaders, Elders, academics, community members, and youth assembled at the Honouring our Land Mawiomi on March 21-23 in Listuguj. Over this three-day event, participants shared stories, songs, and engaged in active conversations about moose harvesting, nation building, and the transmission of Mi’gmaq knowledge to the youth.

The discussion responds to an ongoing concern raised by several communities about moose hunting on Mi’gmaq territory without properly requesting permission of local communities. In the fall of 2017, Chief Darcy Gray met with the Grand Chief of Kahnawake to express Listuguj’s concerns and to remind him that there is a traditional protocol of asking, and waiting for permission, when hunting on Mi’gmaq territory.

Chief Darcy Gray

The talks at the Honouring our Land Mawiomi culminated in the acceptance of a Proclamation that recognizes that Moose harvesting by Mi’gmaq should be in keeping with Mi’gmaq law including the concept and practice of Netugulimg. The Proclamation does not say ‘how many moose’ Listuguj community members, or others, can harvest. Rather, the Proclamation is intended to open the doorway and provide a foundation for Listuguj to adopt its own regulations for the responsible and respectful management of moose resources.

Pam Palmater, Mi’gmaq activist, author and lawyer, delivered a keynote talk at Alaqsite’w Gitpu School for Siggw Culture Day as part of this mawiomi. Palmater emphasized that nationhood is about taking action and is expressed in the ways we live. She added that it is critical that nationhood talks include Youth.

Pam Palmater speaking to Grand Council and Alaqsite'w Gitpu School students

Pam Palmater speaking to Grand Council and Alaqsite’w Gitpu School students

“You are the ones who need to be actively engaged in nation building right now on a daily basis. Our nations, especially the Mi’gmaq nation who has suffered five hundred years of colonization, we actually need you in nation building. We need you to be leaders right now, warriors right now, caregivers right now.”

At the gathering, Elders and youth raised concerns about safety, about respecting hunting areas, and about how to share the moose meat with community. Others raised concerns about over harvesting and emphasized the need to use all parts of the moose. There is a clear need and desire for communities to develop their own moose harvesting protocol.

“This event was a learning opportunity. It was about opening up that dialogue for people to share, to build, and to contribute. We are coming out of this event with guiding principles to develop our own moose harvesting plans. This is not our last gathering, it is the beginning and continuance of something bigger,” said Chief Gray.

Gji-Geptin Antle Denny

Gji-Geptin Antle Denny

Jaime Battiste (Treaty Education Lead at Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey in Nova Scotia) delivered a powerful presentation about Mi’gmaq self-determination and Treaty Rights. He played the following video during his presentation: Click here to watch a video on Treaty Education in Nova Scotia.

“We have persevered through famine, disease, and genocide,” said Battiste. “Relationships are the most important thing and our rights [to our land] have been there all along.”

Gji-Geptin Antle Denny of the Grand Council echoed this assertion by emphasizing how governance is rooted in families, language, and connections with Mi’gmaq ancestral lands.

Corey Metallic, Jasmine Labillois, Luke Labillois and Danny Paul

Danny Paul, Luke LaBillois, Jasmine LaBillois, and Corey Metallic  (L to R)

Other highlights from the mawiomi include: three (3) facilitated discussions with approximately one-hundred participants. Paige Isaac and Denny Isaac facilitated A’tugwaqann (stories from Gespe’gewa’gi) where participants shared their stories from the land. Corey Metallic, Jasmine LaBillois, Luke LaBillois and Danny Paul delivered panel presentations on moose harvesting community programs. Tracey Metallic held an art workshop with a small group of mawiomi participants. The grades seven and eight students, and their teachers, from Alaqsite’w Gitpu School took part in a workshop on traditional approaches to moose management facilitated by Clifford Paul of the Unama’gi Institute of Natural Resources.

The event came to a close with a feast on Saturday evening. Grand Chief Arlen Dumas of the Assembly of the Manitoba Chiefs delivered a keynote reminding us that nation building is about acknowledging relations and staying connected with each other. Click on this link to hear Grand Chief Dumas singing the Mi’gmaq Honour Song.

Recent Events in our Community

For many, the last week has been difficult as our community has experienced traumatic events and loss, affecting many families and friends.
I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincerest of sympathies for those of you who are directly affected. I understand that these can be trying times, times that require intervention and support; and it is during these times we most often turn to our family, friends, and service providers in our community.
As leadership, I believe we have a responsibility to do our best to provide a safe and healthy community for our people; and set the example through our own actions. We cannot tolerate, and we cannot turn a blind eye to the violence occurring in our community. We must do what we can to address the issues, including demonstrating to our women and girls that they are valued and appreciated. They deserve our best. Our men and boys have a responsibility to act in a way that keeps our community and our people safe. For our community to continue moving towards healing, we all have a responsibility and we all must do our part.
We have a responsibility to our next generations. Openly, I wonder and hope for the time that all our kids grow up knowing what it means to be safe and supported.
I have had discussions with many about the importance of creating more avenues for teaching our values and respect for each other, at all levels and ages; and that we need to create more safe spaces within our community and places of healing and wellness. We need opportunities to come together in a good way. And we need to start now.
In closing, I want to thank the family members, friends, and service providers that are doing their best to support and help the many families affected. Your tireless commitment does not go unnoticed and you are appreciated for all you do and take on. On this family day I also want to remind you to hold your family a little closer, because we can all use a bit more love and support.
Darcy Gray
Chief of Listuguj

Community Announcement – Gaming Regulation


Community Announcement


On October 10, 2018, Chief and Council passed Order-In-Council No. 2419, titled “Gaming Regulation”. The purpose of this OIC is to put in place a Listuguj gaming law and regulatory framework that will serve the community by establishing fairness and security of gaming operations in, by, and for Listuguj. This regulatory framework and its underlying gaming law will be a Listuguj law established by and for the people of Listuguj. It will not be subordinate to Federal or Provincial law.

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government (LMG), executed a request for proposals in early 2018 and as result, hired the law firm Dickinson Wright, LLP. Dickinson Wright has significant experience in the field of gaming law and notably Aboriginal gaming in Canada.

A gaming commission staffed by Listuguj band members will be a central component of the gaming law and regulatory framework. New jobs and areas of expertise will be developed and created as an added benefit.

In the coming months, you, the band members of Listuguj will be requested to express your interests, concerns, hopes, and issues about gaming and its future in Listuguj. Dickinson Wright and LMG representatives will be presenting information on the gaming law and regulatory framework through community engagement. LMG wants to use the best ways and means to obtain the views of Listuguj band members. LMG welcomes and encourages all arguments for or against to come express yourself and do so in a respectful manner.

More details about the date, time, location, format, and content of the community meeting sessions will be made available in advance.

“This is an important next step for Listuguj. Asserting Listuguj’s jurisdiction and laws in Listuguj will strengthen our community moving forward. “- Chief Darcy Gray

We look forward to hearing what you have to say and for more information, contact Mike Isaac, Communications Manager at (418) 788-2136 or, 17 Riverside West, Listuguj, Quebec G0C 2R0.

Avoid Travelling on the JC Van Horn Bridge Due to Weather


The Listuguj Police Department and the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government would like to advise the community of Listuguj and its surrounding community members to refrain if at all possible from travelling in either direction on the JC Van Horn Bridge. Due to severe weather warnings, and snow and slush accumulations, the weight of the snow is falling from above. This poses an increased risk of vehicular debris, accidents, damages and the potential of injury or death.

If at all possible, please limit your travelling for the remainder of the day until the weather clears.

Thank you for your cooperation. Should you have any concerns, please contact the LPD immediately at 418-788-2003 or the Campbellton RCMP at 506-789-6000.

Stay Safe!

Paving Project Update

Gwe’ Listuguj,

As the Director of the Capital & Infrastructure Team, I would like to take this opportunity to give my great appreciation to my Team for their hard work and dedication in realizing the paving project.

The completion of Phase 1, the paving of nine roads, is the kick off for our three year paving initiative program within the community. Our goal is to have all Listuguj roads paved by 2020.

The following roads were chosen as Phase 1 for the infrastructure plan, and as the season went forward the Team started the preparation for the drainage on the remaining streets.

  • Pguman
  • Glitaw
  • Qasgusi
  • Church Crescent
  • Old Mill Road
  • Martin Lane
  • Nation Lane
  • Dedam Part 1
  • Isaac Part 2

Since our initial meeting with our funder in late spring, the Team has been striving to put the first asphalt layer in place before snowfall.  To achieve this, funding had to be put in place, infrastructure had to be prepared, design and finally, awarding the contract via public tender.  What you currently see is the base layer for these roads and the final finished layer will be placed in the spring when weather permits.

Phase 2 paving is planned to start in summer 2019. We will be confirming the streets that will be paved during phase 2 by spring, once the planning is complete.

Finally, we encourage community members to please reach out should they have any questions or concerns about the paving projects. Please address them to Mr. Charles Basque/Civil Engineer Technician at his email

We have many more success stories that we will be sharing with you periodically.

This is just one of many to come.



Jody Mitchell

Capital & Infrastructure Team