Call for Tenders – Environmental Rehabilitation

The purpose of this call for tenders is to obtain proposals in order to carry out the environmental rehabilitation of the site of the former municipal garage located at the intersection of Dundee Road and Road 132 in Listuguj, Quebec.

Overall, the work consists of performing rehabilitation works by excavation of the existing contaminated soil, followed by the backfilling of the excavations to the current ground level.

The submission must be submitted in a sealed envelope and must be submitted at the offices of Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government no later than 10:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on October 5th, 2018 (the “closing of the call for tenders”) at the following address:


Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government
Natural Resource Building
44, Dundee Road, Listuguj (Quebec) G0C 2R0


At the attention of Mister Bassem Abdrabou. Any submissions received after the closing of the call for tenders will not be opened and will be returned as such to the tenderer. No fax submission will be accepted.

All technical questions could be sent to Mrs. Sandra Fournier from Petrosol inc. by email:

A recommended site visit will be held on the site on October 2nd, 2018 to validate the actual structures in place and the work to be done. Bidders must confirm their presence at this visit at least 48 hours in advance to Mister Bassem Abdrabou by email:

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Listuguj Comes to Understanding with Restigouche Camp Owners Association




Listuguj Comes to Understanding with Restigouche Camp Owners Association


August 6, 2018 (Listuguj, Quebec) – Representatives from the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government and other First Nations met with members of the Restigouche Camp Owner Association and the city of Campbellton at the Restigouche River Experience Centre.

Throughout the day the discussion was consumed with the idea of “changing the narrative”. This was agreed upon by everyone in attendance that the narrative that is described when speaking about the resources within traditional Mi’gmaq territory should include the Mi’gmaq in all relevant representation.

It was agreed upon to evaluate and review the current history that is being displayed at the Centre to include both the history of multiple generations of guides and anglers along with the history of the Mi’gmaq and Gespe’gewa’gi.

Acknowledging the darkness in our collective history is the first step to reconciliation and to ensure that history does not repeat itself.

“The discussion was a very positive one and we mutually agreed to acknowledge all aspects of our collective history and work on the best way to move forward together”, said Chief Darcy Gray.

Throughout the afternoon a great collaboration of ideas took place and there was a firm commitment to improve the current representation of the Mi’gmaq at the Restigouche River Experience Centre. In order to properly do this there will be an advisory committee put together to address this important task.

“I would like to express how delighted I am to have done this for the second consecutive year, and there have been some very concrete and substantial ideas that have been recommended and discussed”, said Edgar Cullman Chair of the Restigouche Camp Owners Association.


— 30 —


For more information, please contact:
Mike Isaac, Communications Manager, 418-788-2136 or

Boil Water Advisory

ATTENTION: Residents of Listuguj


As of Monday, August 6th, 2018, the community water supply is not safe to drink.  People using the community water must boil their water first.

Water must be brought to a full boil for at least one full minute if you are going to use it for any of the following: drinking, cooking, making juice drinks or infant formula.  However, you can continue to use regular tap water for hand washing, laundry and washing dishes.

Boil your water until official notice that this is no longer required.

For additional information, please contact the Listuguj Community Health Services at 418-788-2155.

Chief and Council to Hand Over Decision-Making Authority to the People




Chief and Council to Hand Over Decision-Making Authority to the People


June 20, 2018 (Listuguj, Quebec) – The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government Chief and Council, at a duly convened council meeting, have indicated their interest via resolution that they will hand off their decision-making authority to the people in regards to the current potential investment with Sun Pharm Investments Ltd (SPIL), formerly International Herbs Medical Marijuana (IHMM).


The decision to convert the term debt loan into shares with SPIL is of paramount importance and therefore Chief and Council will be hosting a public meeting and vote to make this decision final. The meeting will be on June 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm at the Listuguj Community Development Centre (Bingo Hall), where a final presentation will take place with a vote to follow.


The LMG is encouraging band members over the age of 18 to come to this meeting as this is a very important decision to be made.


The LMG Economic Development Unit will coordinate the event and present all relevant information in regards to this file for the public. There will also be various representatives in attendance to answer any additional questions.


— 30 —


For more information, please contact:

Mike Isaac, Communications Manager, 418-788-2136 or

Listuguj Embraces New Banking Ventures



Listuguj Embraces New Banking Ventures

June 18, 2018, Listuguj Quebec – As an active approach to open doors for greater Economic Development in the community, the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government (LMG) has decided to transfer banking institutions from Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) to the Bank of Montreal (BMO).  With the process comes, not only transferring bank accounts; but also, currently mortgages, loans and lines of credit.

Throughout the years, LMG has incurred debt to provide housing to our community members.  To date, our total long-term debt is just over $12.7 million, including mortgages and lines of credit.  LMG is currently in the practice of honouring the Financial By-Law, which states under section 62 b) of the by-law, there is a requirement that reasonable notice be given to members of the community for any loan exceeding $500,000.00 and said notice has to be published in a local media followed by the community.


This bulletin is to notify the community that LMG is authorized to enter into an upcoming financial agreement with the Bank of Montreal in the amount of 13 million dollars for the purpose of transferring existing loans at maturity to Bank of Montreal. LMG will be moving its current debt of $12.7 million from RBC to BMO as each mortgage matures.


For further Information :

Jill Martin
Office of Chief and Council