Traffic Detour – St Anne’s Church

Please be advised that Public Works will be working on the road in front of St Anne’s Church on Wednesday, August 14th, starting at 8:30 a.m.  Traffic will be detoured through the Education Directorate parking lot for most of the morning and possibly into the afternoon.

Motorists should expect short traffic delays.  The LMG encourages community members to drive with caution and thanks them for their patience.

Community Notice from Capital & Infrastructure

The Capital and Infrastructure department is happy to announce that one black garbage bin will be provided for every household in Listuguj in order to improve waste management in our community. You can now come and get your garbage bin at the Public Works Garage.

Only ONE bin per household will be provided by Capital and Infrastructure. If the bin gets damaged, lost or becomes unusable, it will not be replaced by Capital and Infrastructure.

Public Works will only deliver bins to elders and people with disabilities. Please call Public Works (418-788-3047) if you are an elder or are physically incapable of coming to the Public Works Garage and haven’t received it by August 22nd 2019.

Make sure to fill out and sign this waiver in the presence of an LMG representative before taking a bin.


Help keep your community clean by putting your bin at curbside on:
THURSDAYS before 8:00 AM

No domestic/residential garbage will be picked up throughout the week. Please respect the weekly Thursday schedule.


Domestic WasteIn the black bin
Recyclable MaterialsIn the blue bin
Household Hazardous Waste

(Paint cans, used oil, batteries, etc.) or any other waste that could be dangerous to Public Works employees

To the Public Works Garage
Construction, Renovation and Demolition Waste

(Roof shingles, plaster, treated wood, etc.)

Directly at the curb or at the transfer station



Request for Proposals – Nursery Classrooms Addition

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government (“Owner”) requests Proposals from professional, qualified, experienced companies to design, engineer, procure, construct, deliver, erect, commission, start-up, and test the completed Project consisting of all necessary labor, materials, machinery, supplies, furnishings, facilities, tools, services, equipment, and necessary to build approximately 1,800 square feet Classroom extension to the existing Listuguj Education Complex Building that will be located at 1 Riverside East, Listuguj, Quebec, G0C 2R0. The Owner prefers Contractors to install prefabricated modular units. The units must be made operational by September 1, 2019, and commissioned on or before September 30, 2019.


Click here to download the Request for Proposals – Nursery Classrooms Addition

Click here to view the LMG Tender Policy



Flood Warning

Community Announcement:

We will be expecting approximately 60 mm of rain over the weekend.  Capital & Infrastructure have been working to remove the water from our pump stations to make room for this significant rainfall.  They will continue to monitor the water levels in the community over the weekend.

The LMG is asking community members who experience flooding in their basements due to rising waters to please call (418) 788-2215.

This number will be in use starting tomorrow morning, April 19th, 2019.  If you experience flooding this evening, please contact the Listuguj Police Department at (418) 788-2334.

Paving Project Update

Gwe’ Listuguj,

As the Director of the Capital & Infrastructure Team, I would like to take this opportunity to give my great appreciation to my Team for their hard work and dedication in realizing the paving project.

The completion of Phase 1, the paving of nine roads, is the kick off for our three year paving initiative program within the community. Our goal is to have all Listuguj roads paved by 2020.

The following roads were chosen as Phase 1 for the infrastructure plan, and as the season went forward the Team started the preparation for the drainage on the remaining streets.

  • Pguman
  • Glitaw
  • Qasgusi
  • Church Crescent
  • Old Mill Road
  • Martin Lane
  • Nation Lane
  • Dedam Part 1
  • Isaac Part 2

Since our initial meeting with our funder in late spring, the Team has been striving to put the first asphalt layer in place before snowfall.  To achieve this, funding had to be put in place, infrastructure had to be prepared, design and finally, awarding the contract via public tender.  What you currently see is the base layer for these roads and the final finished layer will be placed in the spring when weather permits.

Phase 2 paving is planned to start in summer 2019. We will be confirming the streets that will be paved during phase 2 by spring, once the planning is complete.

Finally, we encourage community members to please reach out should they have any questions or concerns about the paving projects. Please address them to Mr. Charles Basque/Civil Engineer Technician at his email

We have many more success stories that we will be sharing with you periodically.

This is just one of many to come.



Jody Mitchell

Capital & Infrastructure Team



Winter Weather Surveillance Protocol

ObjectiveThe purpose of this protocol is to provide criteria and a tool to the Directors of Education, Capital and Infrastructure and Public Security to allow them to make the proper decision about closures to the Listuguj educational facilities and/or Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government offices due to severe winter weather in the best interest of public safety.

Authorized person:  Is the person(s) who receive(s) the data/recommendation from several departments, conducts a risk assessment based on the developed tool, makes the decision, and communicates it to the Chief, Senior Director of Operations, radio stations and other means of broadcast.



  1. Data Collection
    • Capital and Infrastructure will report the current and predicated road conditions based on the forecasted weather and the allowable workforce equipment to the authorized person, no later than 05h30.
    • Public Security will provide surveillance and up-to-date interior and exterior road conditions of the immediate territory, i.e.; (Inter-Provincial Boulevard, Route 132 East & West of Listuguj) at 05h30.
    • Weather Information: The authorized person will review the following criteria for the forecasted weather from official weather channels or websites:
      • Forecasted temperature
      • Forecasted snow falls
      • Forecasted low temperature precipitation (freezing rain)
      • Forecasted wind speeds
      • Visibility conditions
      • Any other warnings
  2. Data Processing

The collected data as per the previous section will be processed based on the weights and their relation. Based on the data processing, a risk assessment level will be then calculated as either HIGH, MEDIUM or MILD.

Based on the risk level, the authorized person will inform the Chief, Senior Director of Operations and the proper communication channels to close the educational facilities and/or LMG government offices if the risk is HIGH.


Capital and Infrastructure: Spring Cleaning

Here is a brief message to community members who are doing their spring cleaning. It is the request that you do not leave your garbage curbside for the entire weekend the Capital and Infrastructure directorate will be doing curb side pick up throughout the week. Also, could you please separate your household garbage and your compost so that it can be sorted appropriately.


if you have any questions please contact the Natural Resource building at 418-788-3022

Free Installation of Next-Generation Meter

Hydro-Quebec must replace all its outdated electromechanical meters with the next-generation models. The meter replacement is being done in compliance with the conditions established by the Regie de l’energie which regulated energy distribution in Quebec. Next-generation meters will enable Hydro-Quebec to provide improved service, including faster outage detection.

Please feel free to visit for more information.


Click here to view the official letter from Hydro-Quebec

Community Notice: Freezing Pipes

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government would like to advise the General Public that there has been and several reports of residential water and sewer lines freezing through the Community over a period of 3 to 4 weeks due to the environment and fluctuation of temperatures.

Rest assured that the Public Works Department is doing everything possible to address this issue.

To avoid this, we are recommending to keep a constant slight flow of water in your home only if you will be away for an extended period of time.

Should you notice a decrease in water pressure at any time please contact the Capital Directorate at the Natural Resource Building 418-788-3022 during regular business hours or the Listuguj Police Department  418-788-2003 in the evening/weekends.